The second-most potentially offensive RPers on the meme after Josef Fritzl. A lot of anons and namefags alike seem to have awkward boners for them anyway. The Nazis convene at the RP community hotsytotsynazis , the contents of which are a closely guarded state secret. They also have a tendency to show up en mass and spam threads where the word "Nazi" is mentioned, even in passing. Currently inactive.

The Nazis Edit

Adolf Hitler Edit

Our Führer, and History's Greatest Douchebag. All your Germanys are belong to him.

Joseph Paul GoebbelsEdit

The tiniest little Propaganda Minister ever, madly in love with his Fuhrer. Swings wildly between verbosely charming and adorably pathetic, so anons tend to cream their panties for him. He's really fond (or something more) for niyin.

Heinrich Luitpold HimmlerEdit

Surprisingly squeamish for someone who runs a death camp. He's got something cooking for you! Why don't you go in and get it? And it's not like he's got a crush on ono_tachibana or anything.

Hermann GoeringEdit

What's fat, loves cake, and flies? Seriously, though, watch out for your cake. Always the last one to show up to the spams.

Reinhard HeydrichEdit

Himmler's right-hand man, although sometimes he'll make you wonder who's wearing the pants in this relationship. BICKER BICKER BICKER BICKER BICKER.

Albert SpeerEdit

An architect first and foremost in all things. Construction isn't just a career for him, it's a passion. And then some. You're actually probably happier not knowing.

Dr. Josef MengeleEdit

Don't be scared. Onkel Mengele just wants to spend some quality time with you. For science. He has candy!

Claus von StauffenbergEdit

Tom Cruise Herr Stauffenberg is a bubbling pot of internal conflict and assassination plots. And Scientology. Is also going to get coffee and go over plans with bunniofthemoon at five.

Eva BraunEdit

The tag-along. She is not loved as the men in the group are, but she is not supposed to be loved. She is meant to be tolerated for her appearance.

Magda Goebbels Edit

Wife/slave-driver of our poor harried Dr.Goebbels, Magda always gets her way. Only her husband can match her in manipulation, but she's on to him.

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Instances of Nazi Spam Edit

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pic spam

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