• LJ (Conquistador)

A conquistador!Spain that charms anons with his presence, much like pirate!England. He aspires to expand his empire, and resorts to charm and pretty promises like, "I will protect you" and "you will have my love" to swoon anons to his side.

Was once in a fight with pirate!England andbroke his hand. Very possessive and yandere, if you think about it. Doesn't show up in the meme as much as the other Spains but sticks around whenever he does.

He has recently been going around claiming other nations as his territories.



  • LJ (Child)


  • LJ (Child)
    Hispaniawesome's new account.



Another Conquistador!Spain that showed up in the meme. Is well liked in the meme and is often paired and known for page stretching with provostcaptain. Pretty spiffy. Made an alliance with aconquistador.



Clearly a pedophile.

goldglorygod Edit

hispaniawesome Edit

  • LJ (child)

A hyperactive and extremely cute child!Spain. Talks about Rome a lot and is obsessed with finding lions. Dislikes being called "cute."



matare Edit

A new Spain who gave out free hugs on his first appearance.

mimami Edit

  • LJ (female)

A tomboyish female!Spain.


  • LJ (Child)

An adorable new baby!Spain RPer.


Another Spain RPer that is fabulous but doesn't post often.


  • LJ (Farting Parody)

A crack version of oh_espana, who loves to fart (a lot).

oh_espana / conquist_adoreEdit

  • LJ/LJ (Conquistador)

A Spain who is currently dating chigitalia and raising chibimano. Best friends with greciangod, though the two are on rocky terms since conquist_adore put him in the hospital. Frequently found giving away hugs and making people into cuddlebuddies. Will get fierce when it comes to protecting his loved ones and may go conquistador if you push him too far. Had a fight with changing_rules and was married to provostcaptain and lion_guardant for a short period. Provostcaptain once declared that he was in love with oh_espana, and the two seemed to get along better.

The mun is also well liked, known for posting completely drunk and making several misfires that were still somehow in character.



Keep your children away from him.


A new Spain. He's really cute (and the mun doesn't know how to be ooc). Won a wager against provostcaptain in part 176 and as a result could order him to do whatever he wanted for the rest of the part. Managed to get dammit_spain (Romano) to say yes to his proposal by singing a song to him. They are now official boyfriends/fiances and due to have a wedding as soon they stop arguing over who wears the dress.

Now seems to be the unofficial caretaker of chibimano and girlmemeslide, and recently found himself in a lot of hot water for turning down Monaco's advances. Hell hath no fury like fandom's scorn.


The color police Spain. His is red! A lot of anons want him to arrest them.


A female Spain that has stuck around the meme for a fair amount of time. A sweetheart.


  • LJ (female)