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Recent Drama:Edit

Days of Our GifsEdit

Shock.gif holds an unrequited (?) love for Eyes.gif who desperately chases after Germany. Blush.gif was last seen leaving chocolates on Shock.gif's doorstep... Angry.gif may also have a thing for Sad.gif, who laments that Angry.gif couldn't possibly like her.

der_alte_troll and changing_rulesEdit


bake_einsamcake and fillegentilleEdit

A classical case of Bad Romance. It started when fem!France sexed up Germany one day and he, unable to differentiate between lust and love, was left dazzled. Between his following attempts at courtship and her appreciation of his studly biceps (and, admittedly, his efforts) they came to be in somewhat of a relationship.

Their love is constantly threatened by things like France sleeping with everyone who pleases her eye (and man, she does get around), Germany putting work before everything else, anon scheming to break them up and various other trials and tribulations.

As one anon summarizes it:

France "We're never gonna score!" щ(≖益≖щ) and Germany never notices ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪┏ (・o・) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・ )┛♪

Made worse (or better) by hetaria!Italy kissing Germany all out of the blue. Ever since then, half the meme is vying for a threesome. The other half... we don't know. UPDATE: Germany went with Italy to clear the air with fem!France. Unfortunately they were attacked by a rollerskating hoodlum, leaving Italy in the hospital with amnesia and a Michael Jackson theme song..

lumberjack_me and nerd_attackEdit

It started when Canada got murdered and turned into stew. In a desperate attempt to get help, he took over Estonia's brain while Estonia ate the stew and used him as a tool to regain his body. After many apologies and awkward moments, they agreed to get to know each other better, having realized that they were both nice people despite the events that had occured. They agreed to play hockey one day, which ended badly as Estonia tripped over a rock and landed on top of Canada. They ended up sleeping together casually before agreeing to a non-exclusive relationship a while later.

Later on, Estonia was caught kissing Ukraine in an OOC thread. Canada saw it and got depressed, not only because Estonia was kissing somebody else but that he had a crush on Ukraine as well. Eventually they made up with Canada confessing his love for Estonia and them moving into a exclusive relationship. Their relationship was threatened once more a few weeks later as Canada heard about Ukraine and Turkey and told Estonia why he was so upset. Estonia left him and Canada went on a drunken rampage, which also brought out his communist alter-ego. They later talked and mended their relationship a few days after.

Now, the drama is centered around Canada's mother, France (fillegentille), who continuously meddles in their relationship, giving them inappropriate gifts and catching Estonia in truth threads. Anons continue to bring up the issue as well, telling Estonia about past instances where France has touched Canada, to Estonia's anger. However, the two have now reconciled, and Canada and Estonia are perfectly happy. For now, at least.

Not_america and preussen_eagle (gdr_eagle)Edit

It all began when anonymous accidentally gave gdr_eagle the idea to try and persuade other brotherly halves to join the communist family. GDR chose to start with Canada, and soon his endearing form of communist love / constant harassment (or maybe it was just all that attention) had charmed the pants off of not_america, though never quite won him over to the communist side. Not long after, he returned to being the usual annoying Prussia. Canada's attraction continued, notably when Prussia appeared with a new slicked back hair-style. From there it only got worse - after a string of accidental de-anons, Canada's love like became quite clear. Their shared love of cute animals and all things maple brought the two closer and closer. Anonymous took a keen interest in seeing them hook up, with even Denmark playing on Prussia's increasing protectiveness. It all culminated when anonymous loudly announced to Prussia that Canada was in love with him. Much flailing and running about ensued before Canada finally 'fessed up and the two began awkwardly dating. The relationship has not been an easy one, with holodnaya_voyna's continued possessiveness over Prussia, a brief bout of vampirism, and a long case of amnesia, but for now the two are getting along very well indeed, in spite of the biggest obstacle of all: TIME ZONES.

ohnobulgaria and pad_thai_guyEdit

Where do we start with these guys? The meme's most popular soap opera.

el_imperialista and provostcaptain (OR MAYBE JUST... HIM AND EVERY SPAIN EVER)Edit

Like, threads and stuff (because provostcaptain-mun is a serious perfectionist so messy)

Every thread we've had at the DR is on this page. Seriously.

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This too. When it's finished I'll. Put something nice here.

Why did this one go unfinished it was so nice

...Um um um there's probably a dozen more spread throughout the parts. Anyone want to go treasure hunting?

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At the current time period, things are not well does not help that that mutt keeps opening his stupid yap betwix them. So it's to be expected, right?


It also does not help that that stupid pirate pulled a knife on Spain.

Gonna go there, sister? It can't help that Spain doesn't give a straight answer if his life depends on it. CLIFFHANGER ENDING!

sanrioharbour and get_norespectEdit

Here's the first thread with them: Ngl, I'm too lazy to type up more about them. Anybody else feel free to do so. Here's another thread.

goodoldrebel and wearsblueEdit


epic Nordic love triangular soap opera

Ancients + Germans Drama (It's everywhere yo)Edit

Ancients Behaving Badly

attaturk and young_prosvitaEdit

Turkey and Ukraine first met when she was feeling very down on her luck and he offered her comfort and aşure.[1]  Turkey was then given a free pass to chat up Ukraine when Anon dared him to hit on her. [2][3] However, Ukraine successfully maneuvered the situation into a "just friends" date, though Turkey wasn't about to miss any chances to flirt with her. [4]  Turkey then assured Ukraine he wasn't a commie after an outbreak of communism on the Meme and tried to solicit her to visit his Turquoise Coast. Meanwhile, he hit up Greece for any information he had on Ukraine. [5]

Things ran afoul when Anon posted a scandalous picture, and Turkey had to scramble to stay in Ukraine's good graces. [6]

When Anon asked a question of a neighborly nature, things started heating up again. [7] [8]  [9] And though it came under awkward circumstances, the two even kissed. [10] Turkey presented her with a few more kisses on her birthday, [11]  and after going MIA for several weeks, reappeared quite wet [12] and attempted to get Ukraine to observe the end of Ramadan with him. [13] [14]

Things almost screeched to a halt after a dare from Anon, [15] but the two were able to work through the unintended offense. After some slight encouragement from Anon, Turkey even surprised her at the Meme Spa. [16] On Turkey's birthday, they revisit the topic of "just friends" [17] though their conclusion is threatened when Ukraine asks Turkey about longtime current? old flame Azerbaijan. [18] 

When Greece first found out about Turkey and Ukraine.

formosaplum and shaking_violet (with mapleontop and lux_n_burg)Edit

1. See a shy and awkward guy get his more cheery female friend a set of quite nice birthday gifts.

2. Get him to help her choose a rather sexy dress in a store afterwards.

3. Laugh as her siblings are told about it, misinterpret all of this and think he's trying to court her.

4. Have the girl try to repay his kindness by getting *him* nice b-day presents.

5.Watch the guy kiss the girl after anons dare him to.

6. ?????? [Insert constant teasing by many meme-goers ever since the first birthday present incident. Examples are here, here, here, here, here, here, here....]

7. PROFIT /eyes.gif

7.5: BONUS: They get mentioned on the RP secrets LJ comm.

8. ~ But wait! There may be competition from Canada aka mapleontop!

9. Taiwan likes mapleontop.. Latvia likes lux_n_burg and Luxenbourg likes Latvia back (with Taiwan openly supporting them). Canada was MIA, though, until very recently and finally tells Taiwan that he likes her too...

10. . . . The end?


oriental_paris/4kyearoldvirgin/xiaolongbaos Edit

hanbok/songpyeon Edit

maple_sickles and ohnobulgaria Edit

Badtouching. :|


Ever since Prussia (preussen_eagle) first stepped onto the meme, Russia (holodnaya_voyna) had been trying to bring him back into the communist fold. After a lot of harassment and fleeing, he finally achieved his aim by kidnapping a very drunk Prussia, taking him home, and brainwashing him to be gdr_eagle. Unlike his original East German self, this GDR would be just as Russia wanted - no rebellious streak, deeply loyal, and intensely affectionate. It all may have worked a little too well, as GDR quickly became overly protective and possessive. One day, whilst saving Russia from a zombified Belarus, he suffered serious head trauma when his brain was... er... cut out. From there, a split personality developed, with Prussia randomly switching back and forth between his usual self and his communist persona at random. Whilst Prussia continued to hate Russia as much as ever, GDR soon came to admit he wanted to be the one Russia loved most. He was rebuffed upon confessing this as Russia replied that it was impossible since he loves everyone equally, as that is the communist way. Wounded, GDR allowed himself to be re-educated, drinking heavily and suffering bad headaches in the aftermath (much to his Prussia persona's dismay).

When Prussia inevitably ended up with Canada, Russia's possessiveness once more came into play when he managed to blackmail Prussia into dating him instead, threatening that his new boyfriend would suffer the consequences if he refused (the two continued dating in secret, all the same). During Prussia's pregnancy scare, Russia was suspected to be the father - something he took to with great enthusiasm. Disaster struck when an anti-communist anonymous shot GDR in the head, Russia caring for him during his amnesia. GDR has been fairly relaxed ever since he recovered, though his hatred for Prussia's existence continues. Meanwhile, Prussia continues to be bemused as he has somehow managed to enter a love triangle with himself - one which he wants no part in at all.

There has been much yelling, chasing, and hitting over the head.

lionofthenorth and owned_russiaEdit

Occasionally touched upon. Sweden appears hopelessly in love, and Finland appears hopelessly oblivious. But wait! Sweden, in his dreary emotional state, wrote a letter to Finland, telling him he loved him and that he would be leaving him alone from now on. Sniper!Finland discovered the letter and ruined it, so that when regular Finland found it, he could only read the bit that said Sweden was going to leave him alone, leaving Finland rather confused. Later, when Finland corners Sweden in the woods out of all places (such things tend to happen on the meme), Sweden confesses to Finland that he loves him . Awhile later the two of them get drunk and an ice hotel , and upon finding out that Sweden was going to sleep in the same room as Luxembourg, Finland urges Sweden to not get desperate and accidentally breaks Sweden's arm in the process. The next morning at the meme's emergency hospital, Finland admits to Sweden that he loves him too . Stay tuned for more inevitable (adorable) shenanigans.

b_deutschland and hetariaEdit

sanrioharbour/bubbleteatime/rooftop_dragon Edit

Hong Kong had a crush on Taiwan since forever but Taiwan, too busy crushing on Japan (but might have also shown hints of returning Hong Kong's feelings at the time?), never noticed until Hong Kong confessed to her before his death. A little after Hong Kong is brought back to life, some matters are sorted out and cleared up over a cup of bubble tea. Oh, and they kiss. He also asks Taiwan out on a date.

But wait! Enter Kowloon a.k.a. the evil (? not really...) twin brother. Kowloon found out that Taiwan liked someone else. Hong Kong, having taken Taiwan out on a date, had a fight with Kowloon for Taiwan's affection. The fact that he just really, really, really dislikes Kowloon might also be a contributing factor. In addition, he found out that Kowloon kissed Taiwan. More times than he did. HONG KONG RAGE.

After Valentine's Day, Taiwan fell into depression and drowned her misery in bubble tea after missing Hong Kong's Valentine's gift for her, which one half of a pair of matching cellphone charms. He shows up with it soon enough, though. Kowloon was also lead to believe, after he had not shown up at the Lunar New Year at China's house and had missed Valentine's Day, that Taiwan likes him because of her minor-ish depression and her talking of a "him not showing up for Lunar New Years and making her worry" or something like that. Kowloon gave Taiwan chocolate on Valentine's Day and on White Day, he confessed his feelings to her after she gave him a cellphone charm to match with hers. (read: Kowloon doesn't have a cellphone.) Hong Kong is going to have to choke a bitch.

However because of an anon it might be that Iceland might fall into the picture and screw everything up between the horrible love squaretrianglefuckingotcagonifyouincludetherestofhersuitorswhateverthisis if it wasn't screwed up enough. In the meantime, wanmeimei is writing a drama based on bubbleteatime's love life. Recently, however, rooftop_dragon took off. . . wtf will happen between sanrioharbour and bubbleteatime until he gets back (IF he does), nobody knows.

Handy Relationship Chart:Edit

Visual Representation of RP relationships (1-07-2010, Part 107)

Visual Representation of RP relationships (1-20-2010, Part 115)