Affectionately nicknamed "whoreway" by some of the other nordic RPers and is probably best known for all of his threads descending into sex/dirty talking.

Fun fact: Almost ruined the Denmark/Denmark plot by implying that he had sex with Denmark the night before when the two Denmark-muns had planned their marriage thread out for that very same day. There was much flailing and emergency salvaging in chat when this happened.

garway Edit

GAR Norway. Will seize your innocence, if you had one, by force. Fought with o_garmany once and vies for gayway. Anons are prone to swooning over him.

gayway Edit

Gay Norway born from an anon's misspelling of garway, is girly and gay. Speaks with a lisp and gives out fashion advice when asked. Refuses to answer questions about his relationship with garway.


The Norway that launched a week of abstinence. By promising Denmark a date if he could go a week without being a perv, he caused a huge chain reaction and the Nordic Soap Opera as we know it today! Originally the Norway that Denmark set out to prove his love for but ended up losing him to kongeriketnorge. Doesn't seem to mind either way as he has expressed on a few occasions that he prefers Sweden. Is a coffee addict and a bit of a prude. Occasionally ends up helping Lionofthenorth with his relationship issues.



The most unspellable Norway ever and also one of the meme's most long running. Originally appeared during Denmark's abstinence challenge attempting to thwart his plan but unfortunately ended up making Denmark fall completely in love with him in the process. Has loudly expressed his hatred of any and all Denmarks but can still often be seen hugging, kissing or holding hands with horny_viking whenever the two are alone together. He acts as a mother hen towards Iceland and refuses to believe that he is anything but a pure and untainted virgin. Is officially in a relationship with orzipan and his curl acts as an erogenous zone. The reason that the two Denmarks had an epic fight to the death was over him and trying to protect him from the yandere one who had been stalking and non-conning him while horny_viking was away.


LJ (blob)

A blob version of Norway that squeals "uzai!" when touched/troubled/being humped by mochimark. A mysterious creature that hates mochimark but will have sex with him/it whenever the two are together.


nordvegr Edit

  • LJ (female)


Hot tranny mess.



  • LJ (child)

Recently appeared on the meme. Not very cuddly at all - anons are advised to be careful or get maimed.

pregway Edit


  • LJ (female)

The shittiest Norway ever. Played by mean_fangirl in her ultimate fail at life. Irrelevantly replies to many threads using a single icon.


The best Norway ever.