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Frequent attendee of Estonia Appreciation meetings, and is all around good friends with Estonia. Icons are very nicely coloured.

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Fairly new Finland, with the best username ever.

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Finland during the Thirty Years War, in the year 1632. Seems pretty happy that he's going around Europe slicing stuff up instead of staying home cooking meals for Sweden. A warning to anons: he appears quick to draw his sword if his personal space is invaded. Can easily be subdued with alcohol.

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A young boy that just wants to make his relationship with Sweden work. Can often be found trying to answer such philosophical questions such as; "What would make a better birthday present; a log cabin or a blow job?" Despite speculation he is not pregnant or female.

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  • LJ (Grand Duchy of Finland)

laceandbullets Edit

  • LJ (female)

magicallypagan Edit

  • LJ (child)

A small version of Finland that has appeared and just wants to be happy and play with his friends and anonymous. Despite several anons mindfucking the poor kid he is still relatively stable. Pedo-anons have tried to molest him before with limited success.

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Very fucked up sniper!Finland that takes no shit. Snipes people for booze and has had sex with several anons and other RPers. Sniped Sweden straight in the head and killed him, but he then came back as a zombie.

Recently broke havoc in the second part of the Anonmeme World Conference when he learnt that the Communists were still around and, predictably, lost it. He got himself kicked out by Germany, insulted little Korea and bruised a very upset Taiwan's wrist while at it. She had her "revenge" several parts later by shutting him up with a kiss.

UPDATE: Is anon's baby daddy. A baby daddy in extreme denial.

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  • LJ (female)

A female version of Finland that is a cheerful little thing with large breasts. Because of this she has often been the victim of Denmark's idle hands. Is also an excellent fighter.

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Another Sniper!Finland. Is not Winter War!Finland. Shot Russia to prevent a nuke going off.

owned_russia Edit

Another Finland that just tries to get on with his life in peace. Kept the zombie version of Sweden in his sauna with Hanatamago. He can usually be found defending his honor against one of anon's outlandish comments or trying to justify his reasons for doing what he has done in porn pictures of himself and someone else that anon have found.

Loves salmiakki and is proud of his food.

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Police Finland.

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