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belasaurus Edit

  • LJ (dinosaur)

bielarus Edit

Loves hazelnuts and ghosts.


  • LJ (male)


Came the closest to marrying Russia. Currently allying herself with America to get back at her brother.

kahlua_and_milk Edit

ladybelarus Edit

*LJ *

One of the less violent Belaruses.

notmarriedyet Edit

Post-Chernobyl Belarus, and often still suffers its effects. Due to events in her younger self's life, currently has a phobia of (Anonymous) and is in love with Hong Kong.

onewhiterussian Edit

pryvitannie Edit

ruthenialba Edit

  • LJ (child)

A younger Belarus. Doesn't talk much.

sharpprincess Edit

  • LJ (child)

A Child Belarus. Can be seen interacting with Marie Antoinette.

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white_ruthenia / alba_ruthenia Edit

The more psychotic of the Belaruses. Was somehow killed and managed to become a zombie. Has an intense rivalry with gdr_eagle over her brother.

whiteruthenia Edit

Gives Lithuania dead animals for his birthday...excuse me, taxidermies.