Animal RPers Edit

aphanonmeme_bee Edit

A bee. Is very cute with Japan.

aphanonmeme_kitty Edit

big_bear_hugs Edit

sillysillypanda's cousin, often seen stealing his 'cub' little korea, talking in caps and generally acting like Pedobear. His recent bid for countrydom has not gone over well, and Germany in particular has put his foot down a number of times.

blitzy_kins Edit

bunny_mamen Edit

Hidekaz's pet bunny.

corporalcat Edit

Greece's cat.

delicately_cute Edit

A little yellow bird who lives on Prussia's head. Responds to Bierspatz.


Advice Dog. Implement his solutions at your own risk.

elizachiick Edit

Hungary's corresponding little yellow bird.

greetingsoyster Edit

A cheerful oyster. Normally very secure in his identity, he once was memorably godmodded into believing he was a tentacle monster.

hanatamagotron Edit

Hanatamago, upgraded. Met a tragic end, but may yet be resurrected...

According to the mun:

His greatest enemy is The Puffinator Mark-2 from the nearby once-planet of Istlandia where Iceland rules as an icey queen. it is not longer a planet, crumpling down to less of the moon hana's home planet was the closest source of Bananaxelxium 11 that he could find. Puffinator is often seen trying to mine the rare and valuable ore and hanatamagotron goes in to save the day.

house_hippo Edit

A North American house hippo.

i_philosophize Edit

The Philosoraptor. Occasionally shows up to ask the meme deep questions concerning the meaning of life, going to bed at five in the morning, and namefagging.

king_o_monsters Edit


meme-butterfly Edit

Very cute and sweet butterfly. Australia dubbed her Shelley, but kid!America calls her Goodman Beardsley and thinks she's a male.

pure_and_horny Edit

England's unicorn.

sillysillypanda Edit

Panda that talks and enjoys female anons as pillows. Often seen stealing bamboo and talking to China or her cousin big_bear_hugs.

sliceupshit Edit

Insanity Wolf. Courage Wolf's insane brother. He will fuck you up.

socawkpenguin Edit

Socially Awkward Penguin.

thisisakittycat Edit

whalesan Edit

America's whale.

winateverything Edit

Courage Wolf. Doesn't always win at everything but god damn you wouldn't know.